Our Vision: Safe Families for Children hosts children and creates extended family-like support for parents who have nowhere else to turn through a community of devoted volunteers motivated to keep children safe and families together.

Support options: (can be a combination of both)

Family Friend - Volunteer(s) who come alongside a parent (to provide friendship and support) or a child (mentorship or short-term daytime care outside of their home)

Host Family - Volunteer(s) support a family by caring for children in their home during the day and/or overnight for a period of time until the parent is in a place to care for them again (some chapters currently unable to support with hosting)

Who to refer:

  • Parents looking for a relational support system and/or time to accomplish goals and work on becoming stable for their family
  • Families with a parent who is struggling with any of the following: hospitalization, domestic violence, drug treatment, mental health, homelessness, unemployment, etc.
  • Where the goal is for the child(ren) to return to a parent or relative at the end of a hosting
  • Children who do not have severe medical or behavioral struggles (each chapter differs in ability to support any medical or behavioral needs based on their current volunteers)

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